meticulous attention
to tiniest details

If you think your boat deserves more time and attention than any other while it is being built, then you have just found the boatyard of your dreams.

Each boat is painstakingly hand built from the finest timbers, picked individually for each boat by group of experts, with meticulous attention to even the tiniest detail and performance figures to match your wildest fantasies. 

Boatyard of your dreams

Created by 8 time World Offshore Champion Kerem Tuncer; Yuka Yachts delivers classical boats with racing spirit. Handcrafting uniquely designed beauties, Yuka Yachts represents the finest boats of Turkey. Available from 5,8 Meter to 15 Meter boats, Yuka Yachts are the biggest head-turners in any sea. Cruise with your childhood dreams, cruise with Yuka Yachts. You only have to sit at the helm once to fall in love and start a life long relationship with one of your boats. 

With a wide range of different size, coming with various engine packages Yuka offers you more than you can dream of. When you see a Yuka at the sea, it stands out from all of its kind you can imagine. It will turn heads and show everyone a boat that no one has ever seen before. Inside and out, it provides the finest details and elegance of a racer.